Monday, 24 December 2018


To make things a bit easier here’s an ongoing list of places I’ve visited in a roughly alphabetical order and the date of that visit. If I ever work out a better way to organise things, I will!

I'll award a prize to anyone who can identify the church above just from this small detail - email

Coventry Cathedral Lady Chapel - January 11
Holy Transfiguration (Greek) - February 3
Knight’s Meadow, Kenilworth - February 10
Leamington Life Church - January 27
St Barnabas, Kenilworth - December 25 (2018)
St John Baptist, Spon End - January 6
St Gregory, Offchurch - February 17
St Mary Oldberrow - January 13
St Mary Stoneleigh - December 31 (2018)
URC Coventry - January 20